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Instead of worrying about all the overwhelming decisions about your wedding day, take a deep breath and know you’re not alone. Bring your wedding day vision to the Dallas wedding planners at Partridge & Pear, and we’ll bring it to life.

Welcome to Partridge & Pear, a premier Dallas wedding planning, coordination, and design company.

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For over a decade, our clients have relied on Partridge & Pear’s eye for creative wedding planning and design, our wedding planners’ insider knowledge of Dallas and Fort Worth area venues, and our network of vendor relationships to transform both their special day and the experience of planning their dream wedding.

Partridge & Pear is led by Wendy Kay, named one of the top wedding planners in America by BRIDES and Martha Stewart. From the moment you hire Partridge & Pear as your Dallas wedding planner & coordinator, you have an experienced guide, a dedicated team who will be with you every step of the way.

Our Wedding Planning Services

An incredible wedding day experience for you and your guests requires great planning, creative event design, and seamless coordination.

However, not every couple needs help with each piece of that process.   That’s why Partridge & Pear’s offerings let you select just the services that are right for you.

We offer three services: Planning, Design, and Event Management.  Our clients often choose one, two, or all three of these options.

Choose the services that are right for you based on:

  • What parts of wedding planning you want to handle yourself 
  • What you know you know nothing about and would rather we handle for you
  • How much of your wedding budget you’ve allocated to planning


Outdoor Dallas TX small wedding

Hire us for Planning if you’re looking for a hands-on jump start with planning the overall vision and first steps for your wedding. You’ll receive expert advice and help from the Partridge & Pear team with selecting your venue, as well as getting all of your core, non-design vendors booked. From start to finish, we’ll help you connect with and book the right vendors and providers for your event.

Who Planning is Right For…

If you resonate with any of these points, Planning is for you:

•      You don’t know what vendors to book and in what order (hint: booking them out of order can leave your budget short and cause total mayhem with available dates).

•      You need a professional with pre-existing relationships and knowledge about reliable, vetted vendors in Dallas and the Fort Worth areas.

•      You’re not quite sure how to allocate a budget, what you even need it for, or what things typically cost.

•      You don’t know what you’d do in case of weather-related emergencies (like having a rain plan).

•      You’d like to avoid being “venue-poor” — which is spending a ton of money on your venue and not having enough budget left to pull your event together.

•      You don’t live locally in Dallas or Fort Worth, but you’re planning to get married here and want local guidance.

What Planning Includes…

As your Dallas wedding planner, Partridge & Pear provides:

  • Easy and vetted vendor referrals
  • Unlimited access to online planning and management tool
  • In-depth venue search
  • Detailed checklist
  • Clear and organized project planning calendar
  • Recommendations and bookings of vendors
  • Thorough contract reviews
  • Simplified booking of hotel blocks and transportation needs
  • Expert budget guidance and management


Dallas TX event design for wedding reception

You know you want a beautiful wedding day, but you might be shocked by all the decisions that go into choosing a color palette, design details, paper goods, ceremony decor, floral installations, reception tablescapes…  The list goes on and on, and that Pinterest board isn’t helping you get from inspiration to real design decisions.

When you opt for our Design service, you’re adding the expertise and creative flair we’ve cultivated at our sister company, Birds of a Feather, to your gorgeous wedding day. We leave no design detail behind, focusing on bringing your love story and vision alive through aesthetic and decorative elements.

Who Design Is Right For…

Choosing Design is right for you if:

•      You’re a planner and an organizer yourself, but creative visuals stress you out.

•      You have great taste, but you need an objective eye to design for you.

•      You love a lot of “Shiny Things,” but you’re not sure how to pull all those looks and trends together for yourself.

•      You do have a good eye for design, but budgeting for everything you need is overwhelming.

•      You don’t want a cookie-cutter or “Pinterest-inspired” look.

•      You’re not in the loop with wedding trends (because, let’s be honest, your field of expertise is different).

•      You find yourself faltering when trying to describe what you want to your design vendors.

•      You’re ultimately afraid that your wedding won’t “click” visually.

•      You want an incredible, unforgettable wedding experience for your guests.

What the Design Service Includes…

Here’s what you can expect from the Partridge & Pear team as your Dallas wedding designers:

  • Easy and vetted vendor referrals
  • Unlimited access to online planning and management tool
  • High-contact, comprehensive consultation
  • Inspiration board and color palette creation
  • Detailed design plan
  • Linen selection and tabletop design (for example, if you have an eye on big centerpieces, we know the table sizes you’ll need to accommodate this!)
  • Collaboration with florist for design of centerpieces, installations, and personal flowers
  • Working with design specialists for stationery design
  • Selection of lighting, draping, furnishings, and room decor
  • Cake design, including sketches
  • Creation of a full floor plan design
  • Sourcing of suppliers
  • Supervision of day-of production and installations at the venue

Event Management

Wedding with Dallas wedding coordinator

You might be looking for a wedding coordinator, but, we promise, Event Management is everything you’re hoping for and more. Our Event Management service allows you to keep Partridge & Pear in your back pocket, not just on your wedding day but throughout your planning. From the moment you hire us, Event Management allows you to confer and consult with our knowledgeable team about questions you may have.

We’ll onboard you our online planning and management tool, equipping you with vendor referrals and detailed timelines for your rehearsal and wedding day.

Then, on the day of your event, we’ll make sure everything runs smoothly and handle any of those inevitable small to large wedding day emergencies.

Who Event Management Is Right For…

Does this sound like you?

•      You need an experienced professional to solve problems that arise during your rehearsal and wedding day.

•     You’re looking for guidance more than 6 weeks out from the wedding day.

•     You don’t want your friends or family to spend your wedding day setting up decor or managing timelines.

•     You understand that this is not day-of wedding coordination — we want your wedding to be more successful than if we just showed up on the day of.   You’re looking for recommendations that begin right as you book us and hands-on management that ramps up 6 weeks out from your wedding day

•     You consider yourself an organized and “Type A” personality, but you know you do that well for others — when it comes to your own events, you need objective advice and help.

Event Management Includes…

As your Dallas wedding coordinators, Partridge & Pear provides:

  • Vendor referrals
  • Access to online planning and management tools
  • Detailed timeline for your wedding day
  • A liaison and manager between the client and creative team for the planning process (the Event Management package does not handle design)
  • Coordination with all vendors, management of all logistical details, troubleshooting to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Final site visits and walkthroughs of the venue
  • Coordination of all transportation for the wedding party and out-of-town guests the day of the wedding
  • Coordination and supervision of the ceremony rehearsal
  • Management of itinerary and timelines, from set-up to tear-down
Dallas wedding reception designed by Wendy Kay

Why Choose Partridge & Pear as Your Dallas Wedding Planners

Dallas wedding planner Wendy Kay

How do you turn your wedding day into an unforgettable, you-had-to-be-there kind of event? Simply rely on the experts at Partridge & Pear to put our decades of experience planning, coordinating, and executing weddings and events in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area to work for you.

Partridge & Pear is owned and led by Wendy Kay, an award-winning wedding planner recognized as one of the Top Wedding Planners in America by BRIDES and Martha Stewart for her work at her luxury wedding company, Birds of a Feather.

Wendy demonstrates a calm demeanor and approach with all her clients. She’s a problem-solver and works best when she’s under pressure.  Wendy encourages clients to experience and embrace the full process of wedding planning, as, with the right Dallas wedding planner & coordinator, it can be very rewarding. You won’t hear Wendy emphasize that you’ll have a “stress free” day—that should be a given with any wedding planner you hire.  Instead, choose Partridge & Pear if you want wedding planning to be exciting, fun, and full of anticipation.

Dallas Wedding Venues Often Served by Partridge & Pear Weddings

The slogan of Dallas-Fort Worth is, “Big things happen here.” And what could be bigger or more significant than your wedding day? This is one of the most popular cities for wedding receptions and ceremonies in the country, and these beautiful venues are definitely a major part of the allure and attraction of the city.

Nasher Sculpture Dallas wedding venue

1) Nasher Sculpture Center

If you have a taste for modern art and elegant, chic surroundings, the Nasher Sculpture Center is probably your dream venue. This gorgeous and sprawling museum is set on a 2.4-acre site. Both its stunning interiors and magical outdoor grounds are the perfect setting for those who intend to tie the knot among modern masters like Picasso, Calder, and Serra. This is one of the top wedding venues in Dallas, and it’s sure to impress your guests.

2) Arlington Hall

If you’re a lover of southern charm, romantic mansions, and reception halls fit for royalty, then Arlington Hall is the 15-acre estate you never knew you needed. Built in 1939, this head-turner of a luxury wedding venue is as enchanting as it is extravagant, with space enough to accommodate 1,000 guests, scenic views of the surrounding city, sprawling gardens, domed crystal chandeliers, and beautiful arches. Guests can retreat outside to the brick patio for a warm evening filled with rustic elegance, scented flowers, and so much more.

See Adriel + Leroy’s Arlington Hall wedding.

Dallas wedding planning at Hickory Street Annex

3) Hickory Street Annex

For couples who love the modern, hip vibes of exposed brick and downtown fervor, Hickory Street Annex is the perfect spot for friends and family to gather in celebration of the nuptials. Hickory Street Annex calls itself an “unexpected gem,” and it certainly is charming and quirky with its exposed steel trusses, wood ceilings, and an industrial, loft-like vibe. The best part is that booking this venue makes it entirely your own as Hickory Street Annex only hosts one event per day.

See Molly & Ben’s Hickory Street Annex Wedding

4) The Olana

The Olana is a stunning estate venue, complete with 40-acre grounds, a gorgeous back terrace area, and a Front Terrace lawn that puts every single Jane Austen mansion to shame. From the ornate architecture to the custom ceremony sites, not a single detail is spared at this breathtaking venue. With tons of natural light and vast, open spaces, couples are sure to get some truly one-of-a-kind and magical wedding day shots at this venue.

5) Brake & Clutch Warehouse

Another fantastic venue that blends industrial, warehouse-like details such as exposed ceilings and brick walls is the Brake & Clutch Warehouse. It was built in the 1930s and is today operated by a dedicated mom-and-daughter team. This dynamic duo has a clear eye for clean, rustic, and modern design, as the space features settings like private suites for the set-up and bridal party, a ceremony area, cocktail bar, reception hall, and a decadent outdoor patio. It’s located two minutes from the downtown Dallas area and is within walking distance to Deep Ellum.

6) Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

A historic mansion built in the early 1920s, the Rosewood Mansion is able to be both cozy and intimate, opulent and elegant. Its interiors feature private dining rooms with stunning architectural details straight from the 1920s. It also has enough room for a sun-lit reception room and a classic European-style ballroom. These details, coupled with world-class service, set the stage for a truly refined wedding experience.

Want more? Read our list of 12 Gorgeous Wedding Venues in Dallas Fort Worth DFW Area

Hire A Dallas TX Wedding Planner

The team at Partridge & Pear would love to bring our extensive Dallas wedding planning experience to your celebration.

Whether you are just newly engaged or pulling together the final details, we can help make your planning easier and your wedding day better than you even imagined.

For more details and information, contact us today.

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