event management
Through our event management services you will receive access to all of our online planning forms that
our sister company, Birds of a Feather Events, uses to plan all of their full-service client's weddings. This
includes a customizable checklist to keep you on task complete with due dates, an automated and customizable
budget form so that you can properly allocate your budget helping you to not overspend, an interactive guest
list where you can enter in RSVP's and meal choices for multiple events, floor plan designing software that
links to your guest list making table assignments a breeze, a design studio to keep all of your inspiration
organized in one space, a wedding website, and several other tools to help you along the way.

You will also have access to our vendor list which features vendors that we love working with time
and time again. Reliable and reputable vendors you can count on rather than blindly choosing someone
online and hoping for the best. Giving you peace of mind is always at the forefront of everything we do.

In addition to these tools which are meant to help you plan your wedding, we will also be there those
last 6 weeks ensuring that every i has been dotted, and every t has been crossed leaving nothing to
chance on the wedding day. We will make sure that your rehearsal runs smoothly so that no one is left
wondering what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to walk, where to stand, etc. during
the wedding ceremony. And of course we will be there right alongside you on the wedding day making
sure all of the plans you worked so hard on go off without a hitch!
what is included? what is event management? You have planned your little heart out and pulled together the most perfect day, but who is going to
manage all of the moving pieces the day of the wedding? Who is going to make sure that all of the plans
and details you have toiled over for months come to fruition? Who is going to build your timeline for not
only photos, but for everything else that needs to happen the day of the wedding? We can offer you all of
this, and so much more! Your lead planner will step in 6 weeks out from your wedding and get to work
helping you tie up all of your loose ends, put together a super customized timeline for the wedding day,
and make sure nothing big or small has been left to chance!
These are just a handful of the details that we take care of.
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