These ladies were the difference between a wonderful outdoor wedding, and a near event disaster.  Planning a wedding was a significant undertaking and very time consuming due to us having no prior wedding planning experience.  They understood my desire for excellence in the execution, and I was able to completely trust them.  They asked many questions and dug in to ensure our vendors understood our expectations of them, and they were able to make clear decisions on the fly.  They designed the rain plan and made the entire day come to life by coordinating all of our vendors into a well-oiled machine.  Their involvement in the last 6 weeks allowed me to enjoy being the mother of the bride versus being the wedding planner.  The day ran without a glitch even though we had to flex into using our rain plan just days in advance.  With detailed, advanced planning for both good and poor weather, they ensured that all vendors were armed the day prior with the rain plan schedule, and their friendly and personal on-site facilitation made it a seamlessly executed event.  It was a truly memorable day!


weddings & PEAR " PARTRIDGE was we felt incredibly special Wonderful and inspiring to work with! and lucky for the opportunity! " alyssa and ryan

I cannot express enough how much better my wedding turned out than I ever imagined.  Even with a rainy morning to start off my outdoor wedding, everything pulled together last minute and thankfully the rain stopped just a few hours before the wedding.  I added on a design meeting to my package and my coordinator really took all the design ideas that I had and pulled them together to make it even more beautiful than I had envisioned.  She also made suggestions of things to add or change and where to source the items I was looking for.  She was absolutely wonderful and so worth it!  It took so much pressure off me to have someone there to address any issue that came up and answer any questions the vendors had about set up – and there were a lot of them evidently.  Everything went so smoothly and looked beautiful!  We also added on the extra décor set up which included our linens and napkins, and that turned out to be a huge help!  Thank you so much for all your hard work – it was truly a wonderful experience!